On the weekends, where would we most likely find you?

You may find me helping coach on a soccer field, watching the kids at the baseball field, in the back yard debating the exact day the grass should be mowed, or out on the boat enjoying the weather.  Mostly, you will find me having fun with friends, family, and neighbors at any given time.

How did you get into the Mortgage business?

I joined the family mortgage business after attending Mississippi State University and working in the telecommunications industry.  What was intended to be a short term stop to help the family business quickly turned into a new career.  The ever changing nature of the business and the ability to make new relationships with clients and referral sources solidified my long term stay in the mortgage industry.

Name three people (or one person if that is easier) that you view as mentors?

Let’s stick with the most important mentor to my life and career – my father, Dick Munton. After 25 or so years of trying to figure out things on my own, I wised up and began to take guidance that he so generously offered.  He helped me navigate mortgage files, he helped guide loan proposals, and most importantly, he showed me how to succeed at work and in my personal life.  There have been other mentors, but he stands out as the greatest.

What keeps you up at night?

Telling jokes, exaggerating stories, and comparing wild (mostly true) tales of adventure with friends and family.

What has the Mortgage Bankers Association meant to your career?

The Mortgage Bankers Association is the best way to stay informed of current events, network with your peers, and elevate your presences as a true mortgage professional.  The Association offers value and expands the horizons of everyone in the mortgage industry.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about yourself? (hobbies, etc.)

Sure, I like to read about economic influencers, emotional intelligence, sales and negotiation psychology, and I firmly believe you should always order a double.





Owen H. Munton works for Hancock Whitney Bank as the Mortgage Production Manager covering the states of Mississippi and Alabama.  Owen is a graduate of Mississippi State University’s College of Business and Industry and of The Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University.

Owen resides in Hattiesburg, MS and is married to Erin Rust Munton.  Together they have two sons, Andrew and Sam, and a golden retriever named Ralphie.