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Membership Benefits

The Mortgage Bankers Association of Mississippi is the oldest association representing the real estate finance industry.
Founded in 1954 and headquarter in the capital city, MBA of MS works to:

  • Promote the welfare of the mortgage lending industry and related service providers in Mississippi and to improve it’s service to the community.

  • Ensure the continued strength of the state’s residential real estate markets by making mortgage banking interest are represented at every level of government.

  • Encourage among its members sound ethical business practices in the origination and serving of real estate mortgage loans.

  • Expand homeownership prospects through increased affordability and extending access to affordable housing to all Mississippians.

  • Provide a platform from which members of the mortgage lending industry can express their views on practices and legislation affecting the industry.

  • Advocate the position of mortgage bankers at the state and local decision making levels including providing lobbying efforts and grassroots support.

Your Legislative Resource
The MBA of MS has protected the profitability of Mississippi lenders for over 50 years. The association uses a portion
of membership dues to lobby state and federal legislators on behalf of the mortgage lending industry. The MBA of MS
has established relationships with key political figures and has a presence in the Capitol building. During session, the
organization monitors all issues on a state and federal level and keeps its members abreast of the changes in legislation
occurring that can affect this industry.

Your Information Resource

  • Online resources at our website

  • Membership Directory available on the website

  • Regular emails on industry news and data

  • A staff eager to assist and answer questions


Your Networking Resource
MBA of MS helps you build professional relationships that keep you in touch and in the lead. MBA of MS offers
conferences, workshops, and educational programs addressing Mississippi issues that affect your organization. MBA of
MS provides social activities such as business after-hours events and monthly luncheons.


Your Community Resource
MBA of MS collaborates with public and private agencies to strengthen the economic base of the community. MBA of MS
also teams up with government funding agencies actively coordinating their programs and resources with our association.


Your Resources Make Things Happen
You can help shape the future of MBA of MS through committee participation:

  • Legislative

  • Convention/Conference

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Membership


Members Receive the following benefits:
Members-only reduced rates at annual convention and other events, updates on all relevant legislative issues during the
session, networking opportunities, and much more!

Any Questions? Contact Caitlin Guerra, Association Executive Director

901-321-6723 |

Join MBA of MS

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